Friday, November 23, 2007

Nov 23: No Smoking!

On this day in 1951, Disney released the Goofy short No Smoking featuring the voice of Pinto Colvig. The 6-minute cartoon (directed by Jack Kinney) was another "Goofy the Everyman" shorts of the 1950s.
No Smoking
begins by tracing the brief history of smoking - including how Christopher Columbus brought tobacco to Europe from the Native Americans - and then proceeds into a segment starring Goofy - known as "George" in this cartoon, who tries unsuccessfully to quit smoking. Goofy is seen smoking a cigarette from "Phyllis Morrison," a parody of Phillip Morris (one of the world's largest tobacco companies).
No Smoking, because of its content, was originally banned from TV broadcasts, but it did finally make it to DVD as part of the Walt Disney Treasures line.

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