Monday, January 7, 2008

Jan 07: All Talking ... All Singing!

On this day in 1933, the Mickey Mouse musical short Building a Building was released. Directed by David Hand, it features the voices of Walt Disney (as Mickey) and Marcellite Garner (as Minnie Mouse).
In this short Mickey is a shovel operator at a construction site where he meets the lovely Minnie - who is delivering box lunches. Unable to keep his mind on his work, Mickey keeps having accidents which makes his foreman Pete very angry. After Pete swipes Mickey's lunch, Minnie offers him a free one. While Mickey eats ... Pete kidnaps Minnie! Mickey comes to the rescue, although it is Minnie who dumps a load of hot rivets on her kidnapper!
Building a Building was nominated for an Oscar (Best Short Subject, Cartoons).

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