Sunday, April 13, 2008

Apr 13: Birth of a Founding Father

On this day in 1743, Thomas Jefferson - the third U.S. President and author of the Declaration of Independence - was born in Virginia. One of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States, he also served as Secretary of State (under George Washington) and Vice President (under John Adams).
Jefferson was born at Shadwell - what is now Albemarle County, Virginia. His father was a well-to-do land owner and his mother came from one of the first families of Virginia.
Elected to to the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, he was appointed in June 1776 to head a committee in preparing the Declaration of Independence. Although considered the document's primary author, his initial draft was amended by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.
Jefferson served as president for two terms between 1801-1809.
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