Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 01: Main Street Fixture

On this day in 1911, Charles David "Bub" Thomas was born in Lewistown, Montana. A singer, entertainer, nightclub owner, and painter/sketch artist, Bub was one of the original Dapper Dans of Walt Disney World.
Bub and his fellow harmonizers, Jerry Siggins, Bob Mathis, and Dick Kneeland first began entertaining at the Florida resort while it was still under construction. The Dapper Dans were present on October 1, 1971 along with composer Meredith Wilson, the grand marshall of the opening day parade, for the Magic Kingdom's debut.
Bub was a fixture on Main Street for 25 years (during which time many of the members of the barbershop quartet changed). Sadly Bub was killed in a car accident in Orlando on January 28, 1997.

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