Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1: Magical Day in Disney History

October 1 has become synonymous with Disney park celebrations and debuts ever since 1971 - when Walt Disney World in Florida first opened.
Here's a quick rundown of famous events for October 1:

1971 - Magic Kingdom debuts in Florida
1981 - WDW begins its very first anniversary celebration
1982 - EPCOT Center first opens
1986 - WDW's second anniversary celebration in honor of its 15th anniversary kicks off
1988 - The Caribbean Beach Resort at WDW opens
1991 - WDW's 20th anniversary celebration begins
1996 - WDW begins its 25th anniversary celebration
2001 - WDW takes part in the global 100 Years of Magic celebration in honor of Walt's birth
2004 - Epcot's 9th Food & Wine Festival begins
2007 - Epcot celebrates its 25th anniversary
2009 - The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco first opens
2010 - The 15th Food & Wine Festival kicks off at Epcot

For a more detailed look at this day's events - click HERE.

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