Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 08: The Return of George Banks

On this day in 1995, Disney's Touchstone Pictures released the comedy feature Father of the Bride II. A sequel to the 1991 hit Father of the Bride, it once again starred Steve Martin as anxious George Banks, who this time around has to deal with both his daughter and wife being pregnant at the same time!
Returning to their roles from the original film were Diane Keaton (as George's wife Nina), Kimberly Williams (as their daughter Annie), George Newbern (as Annie's husband Bryan), Kieran Culkin (as little brother Matty), and Martin Short (as Franck Eggelhoffer, the wedding/baby shower planner).

Interesting to note: Franck's Bridal Studio at Walt Disney World is named after Short's hilarious and eccentric character.

The film's soundtrack (in release since November 1995) featured a score by Alan Silvestri and vocal performances by Steve Tyrell (most notably on the standard "Give Me the Simple Life"), Etta James, and Fats Domino.

Father of the Bride II was released to DVD in May 2009.

Steve Martin, a playwright, producer, musician, and composer, first gained notoriety as a banjo strumming comedian in the 1970s. As a teen he was employed at Disneyland selling guidebooks and working at Main Street's Magic Shop.

Kimberly Williams went on to co-star in Touchstone's hit sitcom According to Jim (2001-2009). Today she is married to country singer Brad Paisley.

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