Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2: Disney World's First Riverboat

On this day in 1971, the Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat left Liberty Square (the day after the park's debut) with Magic Kingdom guests for the very first time for a short trip on the Rivers of America. Walt Disney World's first riverboat, it was named after retired navy admiral Joe Fowler who was in charge of the construction for both Disneyland and Disney World. (Fowler was named a Disney Legend in 1990.)
The original Fowler Riverboat carried Disney World guests pass such attractions as Tom Sawyer Island and the Haunted Mansion for nearly ten years. When Fowler was damaged during refurbishment in 1980, the Richard F. Irvine Riverboat became the Magic Kingdom's second Liberty Square steam paddle boat. (It was later renamed the Liberty Belle Riverboat.)

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A Snow White Sanctum said...

I wonder what the details are on how the Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat was damaged during refurb.