Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec 30: Gallopin' Mickey

On this day in 1928, Disney's black & white Mickey Mouse short The Gallopin' Gaucho was released. Originally a silent film, this day's release featured synchronized sound!
The Gallopin' Gaucho was never released in its silent version due to a lack of interest in its predecessor Plane Crazy. But after Steamboat Willie's success, Disney added sound to Gaucho, making it the third Mickey short to be released (although the second short to be produced).
The Gallopin' Gaucho was a parody of the 1927 live-action feature The Gaucho - starring Douglas Fairbanks. Just like the original film, the events of the Mickey short took place in Argentina. Mickey meets Minnie in a cantina and the two perform a tango. When Pete (a very large cat-like creature) steals Minnie away, Mickey rides to the rescue on an emu.
But what makes this short unique is that Mickey Mouse is seen smoking ... and drinking a beer!

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