Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jan 16: A Flubbering Son

On this day in 1963, Disney's Son of Flubber (the sequel to the comedy The Absent Minded Professor) debuted in some U.S. theaters. Actor Fred MacMurray returned to the role of Professor Ned Brainard, a scientist who has perfected a high-bouncing substance that can levitate cars and cause athletes to bounce high into the sky. But in this feature Brainard creates a machine (using leftover Flubber gas) that controls the weather!
Co-starring Nancy Allen (as Elizabeth 'Betsy' Brainard - the professor's wife), veteran Ed Wynn (as A.J. Allen - an agriculturist) and his real-life son Keenan Wynn (as Alonzo P. Hawk - the local tycoon), the film was directed by Robert Stevenson.
There are also a number of notable cameos including Disneyland veteran Wally Boag (in a commercial), Walt Disney's very own grandson Walt Elias Disney Miller (as a baby in a TV ad), and funny-man Paul Lynde (as a sportscaster).
The film was generally released 2 days later.

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