Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feb 06: Greetings Friends!

On this day in 1943, Disney's 6th full-length animated film Saludos Amigos (sponsored by Nelson Rockefeller's Inter-American Affairs) was released in the U.S. Released through RKO Pictures, the film had already premiered in August 1942 in Rio de Janeiro (making it the first Disney animated film to be shown in South America before its U.S. screening).
Set in Latin America, Saludos Amigos is broken up into 4 separate segments:
Lake Titicaca - American tourist Donald Duck visits the lake (which sits on the border of Bolivia and Peru) and meets some of the locals ... including an obstinate llama!
Pedro - the title character engages in his first flight to pick up air mail from Mendoza (a city in west Argentina) with near disastrous results.
El Gaucho Goofy - American cowboy Goofy is taken to the Argentine pampas (the fertile South American lowlands) to learn the ways of the native gaucho (a term commonly used to describe the residents of the South American pampas).
Aquarela do Brasil - Jose Carioca (making his debut) shows Donald Duck around South America and introduces him to the samba via the tunes "Brazil" and "Tico Tico" (which later became popular songs in the U.S.).
Various live-action clips of Walt and his artists (such as Mary Blair and Frank Thomas) roaming about South America are presented throughout the film as well.

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