Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb 22: Connecticut's Finest

On this day in 2005, Christy Carlson Romano received the Connecticut's Finest Citizen Award in her hometown of Milford, Connecticut on "Christy Carlson Romano Day."
An actress, author, and singer, Romano is best known for her Disney Channel roles in the live-action sitcom Even Stevens and the animated series Kim Possible (in which she is the voice of the title character). In fact, she became the first person to act in three Disney Channel projects simultaneously when she also co-starred in the 2002 movie Cadet Kelley (with Hilary Duff).
As a singer she has recorded numerous songs for Disney movie & TV soundtracks (including Kim Possible). In February 2004, Romano began a 31-week run as Belle in Disney's Broadway hit Beauty and the Beast, and later that year released her own CD titled Christy Carlson Romano: Greatest Disney TV & Film Hits.

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