Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 01: Volume 1, Number 1

"The Disney News will take you behind the scenes for fascinating stories of people and places which make possible the kind of entertainment that you have come to expect from Walt Disney. This is Volume 1, Number 1 and we hope you like it."

With those printed words, the Disney News was first published on this day in 1965. Just 16 pages long, articles included:
Walt's cruise on the U.S. Coast Guard's training vessel, Eagle
Disneyland's new Miss Ambassador Connie Swanson
The return of Maurice Chevalier to the U.S. for his role in Monkeys Go Home!
Schedule of movie releases for 1966
New attractions that would debut in Disneyland the following year

A free benefit for members of the Magic Kingdom Club during the 1960s, the Disney News would become the Disney Magazine in 1994.

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Snow White Archive said...

This issue would be a gem to find! Walt looks pleased on the cover.