Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 02: World of Motion Stops Moving

On this day in 1996, World of Motion - an opening day Epcot attraction sponsored by General Motors - closed. Located in a sleek circular structure (a space now occupied by Test Track) World of Motion offered a humorous look at the progression of transportation.
Park guests boarded Omnimover vehicles and traveled through 24 scenes filled with Audio-Animatronic figures and projection effects. The attraction offered a whimsical look at the history of transportation - from the invention of the wheel to the present day and beyond. Gary Owens (disc jockey and voice actor best known from TV's Laugh-In) supplied the narration. World of Motion also had a theme song - "It's Fun to Be Free," written by X Atencio and Buddy Baker.
On this day, Epcot also offered a ceremonial final ride for General Motors executives ... unfortunately World of Motion broke down and everyone had to walk to the exit.

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